Digital Microwave Lab


DML is under the leadership of Professor Yuanxun Ethan Wang. It has been focused on the developments of next generation high performance electromagnetic systems for wireless communication, energy and sensing applications. The success of such developments leverages not only on the breakthrough in the understanding of fundamental physics of Electromagnetics but also on the novelty originated from the multi-disciplinary approaches.


On the fundamental physics, the nonlinear dynamics, time-varying operations and multi-element interactions of electromagnetic waves are often exploited. On the multi-disciplinary approaches, novel circuit techniques, signal processing/modulation architectures and exotic material properties are utilized to break the technology barriers encountered in the traditional electromagnetic systems. 


Due to the interdisciplinary nature of the research, there have been a broad spectrum of research projects in the group over the past years, such as novel antennas and arrays, high efficiency power amplifiers, circulators and multiferroic RF devices. The group is part of TANMS, which is a NSF funded Engineering Research Center (ERC) led by UCLA.